Danny Starr first discovered his passion for painting while obtaining a Graphic Design and History degree from Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado. In 2015, he completed the Drawing Program at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Danny has been showing and exhibiting art around the country from California to Massachusetts and recently had his first solo art show at the Artwork Network Gallery in Denver, Colorado.

His work often combines a classical technique with modern style. His range of mediums is diverse, often creating realistic oil paintings and stylistic ink drawings within the same bodies of work. With a discerning eye, he is able to produce a harmony between the natural and conceptual, creating works that are vulnerable and honest.

Danny is the Valhalla studio artist and gallery co-founder. Pieces from his current series, Subtle Bodies, are on display at our downtown ILM location.

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36″ x 36″ Oil on Panel
Explore the Full Collection – dannystarrart.com

The Throne

24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas
Explore the Full Collection – dannystarrart.com



15″ x 22″ Ink and Watercolor
View in Detail – dannystarrart.com

Hero’s Journey #2

15″ x 22″ Ink
View in Detail – dannystarrart.com


Excellent Cavalier

11″ x 14″ Oil on Panel
Explore Past Commissions at dannystarrart.com

Mastery II

22″ x 30″ Ink
See the Full Collection at dannystarrart.com
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